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Our contractors are professionals. Authorized Ruud® Comfort Contractors ensure the Ruud® products they install will stand the test of time. You can truly Rely on Ruud™ heating and cooling solutions to bring you and your family comfort for years to come.

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Quality & Reliability

Ruud® builds quality and reliability into every product they manufacture. Heating and cooling products are tested regularly to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards. 

The Ruud® Total Quality Assurance Program ensures that every piece of equipment that leaves the factory is tested for performance and reliability and each component is 100% traceable. Ruud’s® investment in their production facilities and processes assures you that your new heating and cooling equipment will keep your home comfortable for years to come.

The Ruud® 360°+1 design philosophy offers homeowners increased Performance, Installability™ and Serviceability in their new heating and cooling products. Ruud® worked closely with HVAC contractors to build products unlike any others in the marketplace.