ULTRA® SERIES: Air Conditioner

Refresh with RUUD® Ultra™ series. Setting the standard with consistent and even home comfort, while establishing itself as the quietest and most efficient option available. Advanced Inverter Driven, Variable Speed technology, delivers precise and even temperature control indoors with EcoNet® Precision controller while keeping your outdoors tranquil during those summertime BBQs.

  • Ultra Quiet Operation ~54db
  • Ultra Efficient – Up to 20 SEER2 / 13 EER2
  • Ultra Comfort with Inverter Technology, Variable Speed Twin Rotary
  • Ultra Smart Precision Controller

Your finely tuned RUUD® Ultra™ is ENERGY STAR® certified, offering one of the highest efficiencies available today at up to 20 SEER2. Which means lower energy bills and enjoyable comfort every day.

Comfort that Exceeds Expectations

In contrast to single-stage air conditioners, which operate with on-off cycles and wider temperature swings, RUUD® Ultra™ air conditioners, when paired with an EcoNet® Precision Control Hub, continually monitor and adjust cooling output to within a fraction of a degree while keeping humidity optimal further enhancing comfort. This ensures a consistent and welcoming comfort experience, eliminating large temperature fluctuations. Not too hot, not too cold, say hello to just right!

Inverter Driven, Variable Speed – EcoNet

Features variable speed operation from 40 to 100% capacity with the EcoNet® Precision Controller. RUUD® OverDrive provides a 15% performance increase on those extra hot days to maintain performance in the most extreme conditions.

Inverter and blower speeds continually modulate for sustained precision comfort to a fraction of a degree!
  • Refreshing Comfort – With advanced humidity control and precision comfort, temperatures remain constant with swings, a thing of the past. EcoNet® calculates temperatures down to 1/100th of a degree for continuous precision comfort.
  • EcoNet® Active Filter & Alert Monitoring – Communicates directly with RUUD® equipment (Including RUUD® water heater products) providing real-time diagnostics and alerts. EcoNet® knows when to replace your furnace filter and alerts you to problems that may need attention before calling a technician.
  • EcoNet Precision Control Hub continuously analyses, monitors and adjusts Inverter output and Variable Speed system performance down to 1/100th of a degree, for consistently even comfort all day, every day.
  • EcoNet® Continuous Fan mode allows continual air circulation even when the system isn’t cooling with 5 available speeds (Low > Medium Low > Medium > Medium High > High).
  • Savings! Up to 20 SEER2 efficient means you’ll not just enjoy the comfort, but the savings too!
  • Predictive Heating – EcoNet® actively monitors outdoor temperatures, learning when to begin and how much cooling is required to meet your comfort set point, and keep it there.
  • Short Cycle Protection – Avoids damage to equipment from short-run cycles.
  • Remote Control – Adjust comfort, settings and alerts from anywhere using a mobile device.

Built for Longevity and Ease of Service

  • PlusOne® Diagnostics & Bluetooth Connectivity: With the Ruud Contractor & EcoNet® Apps, built-in technology makes advanced set-up, monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing the product easier.
  • Brushless DC Condenser Motors (BLDC): Enhances reliability and allows for easier serviceability.
  • PlusOne® Triple Service Access: 15 in. wide, industry-leading corner service access, two fasteners, removable corners and individual louvre panels – makes service and repairs easier and faster.
  • PlusOne® Expanded Valve Space: 3 in. – 4 in. – 5 in. service valve space—provides a minimum working area of 27 square inches for easier access
120 months
120 months

$1 end-of-term ownership
Zero Up Front Cost
Breakdown Protection
Labour and repairs included
After-Hours Emergency Coverage
Parts Replacement10 Year / Warranty
Unit Replacement10 Year Conditional
Flexible Terms
Transferable Agreement