Comfort Owl Financing Program

With Comfort Owl, you can easily afford your preferred comfort solution, while still enjoying the precision comfort, performance, and longevity RUUD® is known for.

With rising costs for just about everything from groceries to monthly home payments, it’s increasingly difficult to save for those large ticket items, especially without sacrificing quality!

The good news… RUUD® offers easy payment solutions that won’t burden your monthly budget.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about owning a furnace or AC, so why not enjoy affordable comfort while building lifelong memories with a family vacation instead? With Comfort Owl, you can easily afford your preferred comfort solution, while still enjoying the precision comfort, performance, and longevity RUUD® is known for.

When You Choose Lease-to-Own (120 Months)

Comfort Owl leasing means you can enjoy all the comfort of RUUD while living in your home. If you decide to sell, no problem. Your lease agreement is transferable with your home sale. Plan on staying in your home? Great! Own your RUUD system at the end of the term for only $1 at the end of 120 months. Comfort Owl is fully transparent: No hidden backend fees or commitments. Trust that you count on! You also have the option to pay out the remainder of your term monthly payments at any time without penalty.

Peace of Mind Protection

During your Lease-to-Ownership, you are covered by full breakdown protection with 24-hour emergency after-hours service. This includes all labour, parts and services! No unexpected expenses, just relax and enjoy the comfort of knowing we have you covered! Additionally, in the unlikely event your unit is defective or isn’t deemed repairable, Comfort Owl will replace your unit at no charge.

When You Choose Financing (120 Months)

Do you desire the freedom to pay off your RUUD® equipment at your convenience while still enjoying low monthly payments? Opting for financing may be the ideal solution. With economical financing options available, experiencing RUUD® comfort is effortless. Financing your purchase offers the benefit of being able to pay off the amount owing at any time without incurring any penalty charges or remaining interest on the financed amount.

In addition, with financing you, at your option, can add other home renovations based on your approved application so you can do more with your Comfort Owl purchase if you like.

However, unlike the lease-to-own approach, if you plan to sell your property, you will need to repay the loan before the home sale, whereas lease-to-own plans are entirely transferable. Regardless of your decision, we provide industry-leading comfort options to make your home comfort affordable and easy!

120 months
120 months

$1 end-of-term ownership
Zero Up Front Cost
Breakdown Protection
Labour and repairs included
After-Hours Emergency Coverage
Parts Replacement10 Year / Warranty
Unit Replacement10-Year Conditional
Flexible Terms
Transferable Agreement
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • 10-Year Breakdown Protection
  • Priority Care: All-Inclusive Service, Labour, Parts, Included
  • Home Sale – Transferrable Agreement
  • Easy Monthly Payments with $1 end-of-term ownership!

Frequently Asked Questions

Financing is a personal loan with customizable terms and payment options whereas a lease-to-own isn’t owned until the end of the 120-month term (with a $1 end-of-term buyout).

Lease-to-Own offers the unique opportunity to gradually transition from leasing to owning your HVAC system, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership with added protection. At the end of your lease agreement, own your HVAC system for one dollar!

Breakdown protection is not included; however, you can add a maintenance plan for an additional cost. Your RUUD system will be limited to your product manufacturer’s warranty only.

Financing is an open loan, you have the option to contribute to your loan with no penalties at any time. You can also pay off your lease-to-own agreement without penalty at any time, by paying the payments remaining.

You are responsible for the amount owing if you sell your home. The loan is not transferrable, however, you can decide to continue payments or pay off the balance without penalty. Note: Lease-to-Ownership is fully transferrable to new home owners if selling your home.