Achiever®: Heat Pump

Elevate your home’s comfort with the RUUD RP14AZ Heat Pump—a versatile solution providing year-round heating and cooling efficiency. It operates at lower capacity in mild weather, reducing energy consumption, and swiftly switches to a higher stage in high-demand conditions, ensuring better temperature control, improving comfort, and potentially extending the unit’s lifespan.

  • Quieter Operation ~72 db
  • Cool Efficiency – Up to 14.3 SEER2 / 10.4 EER
  • Heat Efficiency – 7.6 HSPF2 
  • Two-Stage Compressor Warranty – 10-Year Parts

Achiever® Heat Pump is engineered for optimal energy performance while promising substantial utility savings without compromising comfort with a durable Two-Stage Scroll Compressor.

Achiever® Heat Pump: a Top-Notch Heating and Cooling Solution.

With a focus on quieter and reliable operation, the RP14AZ ensures reliable home comfort while prioritizing environmental sustainability with its eco-friendly refrigerant. The RUUD RP14AZ Heat Pump offers a seamless blend of efficiency, reliability, and innovation, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a top-notch heating and cooling solution that adapts to their lifestyle.

Two-Stage Scroll Compressor

Features two speeds (high and low) of cooling and heating, providing more precise temperature control, lower humidity and greater efficiency when compared to single-stage compressors.

EcoNet® Precision Control: Not Available

Quiet Operation

As low as 72 dB, efficient home comfort shouldn’t be noisy. That’s why our heat pumps are engineered with acoustics in mind. Sound-dampening features such as refrigerant tubing design, fan blade approach, composite base pan and innovative compressor and drive technologies ensure that as efficiency increases, sound levels remain low.


The 7mm condenser coil provides a decrease in refrigerant requirements by up to 15%, lowering the amount of greenhouse gases emitted while contributing to Ruud’s sustainability goal of a 50% reduction in our greenhouse gas footprint by 2025. It’s a win for all of us.

Built for Longevity and Ease of Service

  • Swept Wing Fan Technology: Features quieter operation and improved unit acoustics, while an inverted reversing valve increases reliability with reduced joint stress.
  • Brushless DC Condenser Motors (BLDC): Enhances reliability and allows for easier serviceability.
  • PlusOne® Triple Service Access: 15 in. wide, industry-leading corner service access, two fasteners, removable corners and individual louvre panels – makes service and repairs easier and faster.
  • PlusOne® Expanded Valve Space: 3 in. – 4 in. – 5 in. service valve space—provides a minimum working area of 27 square inches for easier access
120 months
120 months

$1 end-of-term ownership
Zero Up Front Cost
Breakdown Protection
Labour and repairs included
After-Hours Emergency Coverage
Parts Replacement10 Year / Warranty
Unit Replacement10 Year Conditional
Flexible Terms
Transferable Agreement