EcoNet® Precision Control Thermostat

While the EcoNet® Precision Controller might resemble conventional ‘Smart’ Thermostats at first glance, its capabilities surpass the ordinary. Serving as a precision computer, EcoNet® is dedicated to optimizing system performance, enhancing home comfort, and prolonging longevity. In a league of its own, EcoNet® not only offers consumer-friendly features but also unlocks advanced performance functionalities typically reserved for top-tier products, such as comfort temperature modulation, on numerous mid-tier RUUD® products.

  • Simple Touchscreen Interface – control your heating/cooling system from anywhere
  • Energy savings – adjust your heating/cooling schedule, “One-Touch Away” – switches to energy saving mode
  • Active Monitoring – maintenance reminders, air-filter monitoring, alarms and much more
  • Auto-Changeover – seamlessly switches between heating and cooling modes
  • Humidity Control – helps to remove excess moisture for increased comfort
  • Zone Control Enabled – add an EcoNet Zoning System for precise comfort in your home
  • Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

EcoNet® Functions as an Indispensable Diagnostic Tool

By continuously monitoring crucial factors like refrigerant levels and system static pressure – which dictates filter replacement timing – EcoNet® ensures optimal system operation. If an issue arises, EcoNet® swiftly pinpoints its nature, providing RUUD® service technicians with vital diagnostic information before dispatching a service vehicle. This proactive approach not only saves valuable time but also reduces costs by allowing technicians to prepare necessary parts in advance, streamlining the repair process. With EcoNet®, enjoy peace of mind knowing your system is operating at its best, backed by advanced diagnostics and precision control, providing your family with the best possible comfort from your RUUD® equipment.

EcoNet® minimizes equipment cycling by optimizing system operation with sophisticated algorithms based on real-time conditions and user preferences. This prolongs the lifespan of RUUD® HVAC components, reduces wear and tear, and lowers energy consumption.

EcoNet® optimizes HVAC system operation for longer, efficient run times at moderate output levels, ensuring consistent and comfortable indoor environments. By minimizing temperature fluctuations and hot or cold spots, EcoNet® enhances comfort and improves energy efficiency by avoiding frequent starts and stops of the equipment, leading to reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

Auto Detect Fan Speed

EcoNet® intelligently adjusts fan speeds based on real-time conditions, optimizing airflow and temperature distribution throughout your RUUD® system. By monitoring factors like indoor temperature, humidity, and outdoor weather, EcoNet® ensures consistent comfort while maximizing energy efficiency.

Mechanical Room Smart Control

EcoNet® centralizes management of RUUD® HVAC and water heater equipment, enhancing functionality and performance. Users can easily adjust settings, monitor performance, and optimize energy usage for both systems from a single interface. This streamlined approach ensures seamless operation and maintains comfort and efficiency throughout the home.

EcoNet®-enabled outdoor units provide real-time weather temperature sensing and performance monitoring. This algorithm ensures accurate detection of outdoor temperature fluctuations, allowing your RUUD® system to dynamically adjust settings to meet your comfort needs ensuring your home comfort is exactly the way you like it.

EcoNet® provides valuable insights into RUUD® outdoor unit refrigerant levels, detecting fluctuations in real time. Users can stay informed about system health and address issues promptly for optimal performance, comfort and energy savings.

EcoNet® swiftly identifies and reports abnormalities, generating precise error codes for swift diagnosis and resolution by contractors or homeowners. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and costly repairs, ensuring peak efficiency and reliability for users.

EcoNet® effortlessly configures HVAC and water heating systems by autonomously identifying compatible equipment and continuously refining settings for optimal performance. This intelligent adaptation ensures peak efficiency and enhanced comfort tailored to your home’s specific configuration.

Peace of Mind, Total Control

EcoNet’s phone app is the ultimate companion for staying connected to your home ecosystem. Seamlessly integrating with your devices, the EcoNet® app provides unparalleled convenience by delivering real-time alerts and critical notifications directly to your phone.

Whether it’s monitoring energy usage, detecting problems, or adjusting thermostat settings, EcoNet keeps you informed and in control no matter where you are. With its intuitive interface and remote control functionality, managing your home has never been easier. Experience peace of mind and efficiency like never before with EcoNet®, your trusted partner in smart home management.