Achiever Plus®: Furnace

Two Stage – Improved Comfort Performance

RUUD® Achiever Plus™ provides next-level comfort with its two-stage (R96T) and two-stage variable (R962V) speed heating performance. With two-stage operation, the furnace has the flexibility to adjust its heating output based on the specific requirements of the home, providing a more even and consistent level of warmth. The variable speed fan (R962V) further enhances comfort by adjusting circulating air throughout the home, minimizing temperature fluctuations and cold spots while keeping noise to a minimum.

With an AFUE rating of 96%, ENERGY STAR®, excellent comfort, also comes with excellent savings! EcoNet® enabled, add a RUUD® Ultra Smart Precision Control Hub for even greater comfort consistency and improved energy efficiencies.

Take Home Comfort to the Next Level with Achiever Plus

Your family will thank you. Achiever Plus operates in 2 heating stages. The first stage runs at ~60-65% of full operation, and the second stage at 100% for additional heating as required. This allows your furnace to run longer, but at reduced heating providing a more evenly distributed temperature throughout your home. This also helps reduce temperature fluctuations in colder areas providing a balanced, cozy comfort.

Model R962V with EcoNet® Precision Controller

Variable speed technology further enhances comfort and humidity control by adjusting motor speed to further balance heat distribution. Plus enjoy full control of your RUUD equipment while away with the EcoNet® App for real-time alerts such as when to replace your filter, all through direct communication and on-system diagnostics with your EcoNet® communicating furnace.

R96T (Two-Stage Heating Comfort)
R962V with EcoNet® – Precision Variable Speed

Built for Longevity and Ease of Service

  • Durable stainless steel heat exchanger removable and serviceable with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Major parts are accessible from the front for easy service and maintenance down the road.
  • Plus One Ignition System – Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) for proven reliability and longevity.
  • Plus One Water Management System – Patented sensor that shuts off the furnace in the event a blocked drain is detected and alerts the contractor with a diagnostic code.
  • Always on the go control receipt of system alerts with EcoNet® Precision Controller.
120 months
120 months

$1 end-of-term ownership
Zero Up Front Cost
Breakdown Protection
Labour and repairs included
After-Hours Emergency Coverage
Parts Replacement10 Year / Warranty
Unit Replacement10 Year Conditional
Flexible Terms
Transferable Agreement