Achiever Plus®: Side-Discharge Heat Pump

Experience the tranquil embrace of your outdoor environment while relishing the exquisite comfort of your indoor sanctuary. Introducing the RD17AZ, meticulously crafted to offer a harmonious blend of comfort, and family enjoyment with EcoNet® equipped precision comfort. Indulge in precise environmental temperature control, fine-tuned to perfection with the capability to modulate comfort to an accuracy of 1/100th of a degree with EcoNet® Precision Control.

  • Plus Quieter Operation ~58 db (The sound of moderate rainfall)
  • Plus Cool Efficiency – Up to 19 Seer2/10.4 EER2
  • Plus Heat Efficiency – Up to 8.5 HSPF2
  • Plus Precision temperature comfort with EcoNet®
  • Plus Modern Aesthetic with a small footprint

ENERGY STAR® certified Ruud Heat Pumps are designed to provide a versatile solution for year-round comfort. Harness the power of super-efficient heat pump technology to keep utility bills in check while ensuring maximum durability.

Discover Greater Home Comfort

Operational at approximately 58 decibels, akin to the soothing pattern of moderate rainfall, the RD17AZ seamlessly integrates with your existing HVAC system or serves as a versatile universal replacement. Its whisper-quiet performance ensures an undisturbed ambiance, allowing you to unwind in peace. Designed with a compact footprint, the RD17AZ is tailored for tighter spaces without compromising on style or functionality.

“Ultra” level Precision Comfort with the RD17AZ Achiever Plus®

Maximize the performance and comfort potential of your RD17AZ unit with an EcoNet® Precision Controller. This cutting-edge enhancement introduces inverter-driven, variable-speed technology, providing precise and comprehensive temperature control ranging from 45% to full 100% of operation. This represents a substantial enhancement, approaching ‘Ultra’ levels of performance and home comfort. In contrast, utilizing a standard smart thermostat, the RD17AZ offers 2-stage operation.

Variable Speed Twin Rotary Compressor & Inverter Drive

EcoNet® Performance Boost: Unlocks inverter operation from 45 to 100% for improved comfort and precision control

Regular Smart Thermostat: 2-stage operation (Stage I @ 45%, Stage II @ 100%)

Exact Comfort when paired with EcoNet® Precision Controller

Discover the seamless and consistent precision comfort achieved through the integration of an EcoNet® precision controller with the versatile RD17AZ unit. This combination ensures meticulous adjustment of speed and heating or cooling output, ranging from 45% to 100%, precisely catering to your home’s specific temperature needs. With enhanced humidity management and uniform temperature distribution, the RD17AZ and EcoNet® deliver unparalleled performance and comfort at the highest level.

120 months
120 months

$1 end-of-term ownership
Zero Up Front Cost
Breakdown Protection
Labour and repairs included
After-Hours Emergency Coverage
Parts Replacement10 Year / Warranty
Unit Replacement10 Year Conditional
Flexible Terms
Transferable Agreement